Cold store locations throughout Europe and United Kingdom
Cold store locations throughout Europe and United Kingdom
Cold store locations throughout Europe and United Kingdom
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We have a network of cold storage facilities throughout Europe and United Kingdom at strategic locations, which enables us optimizing transport flows and providing sufficient capacity. We provide chilled and frozen storage for products travelling to and from locations across the entire world.

We play a key role in the temperature-controlled chain of distribution for food products, both for import, as well as export to and from Europe. In the Netherlands our cold store facilities are located at strategic locations in Rotterdam, Venlo and Roermond. In Rotterdam, the gateway to Europe, we operate three cold stores near the largest container terminals. In Venlo and Roermond, we are right on the border with Germany and connected to the main roads leading throughout Europe.

In the United Kingdom our six sites are all on strategic locations; either close to one of the main ports, or in manufacturing or production areas. As one of the few cold store providers, we have approvals in place for exports to China and USA, EU and many other third countries. We do not get excited about storage only, it is our core to add value to your products and deliver quality and safe products to your customers and in the end to the dining table

Our temperature range and our extras

  • We store food products such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, chips, and concentrates in a temperature range from -25 °C tot +25 °C.

  • Our storage spaces and systems are arranged in such a way that we can always work according to multiple logistics concepts.

  • Apart from that we are specialised in value added services, such as blast freezing, tempering, x-raying, metal detecting and more.

  • Needless to say that our sites are certified according to the highest quality and food safety standards.

  • Integrated network of connected cold storage facilities close to production hubs and consumer markets.

Cold storage

Blast Freezing

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