How four companies came together and joined forces

Eurofrigo, Kevin Hancock, Norish and Thermotraffic, each have their own story to tell. One dates back to the seventies, the other started about forty years later, in 2017. They all have a unique history, sharing one common factor: logistics services for temperature-controlled goods. It is no surprise that our four companies decided to join forces and merge. Together, we offer a full package with specializations. Discover how four stories came together.


Norish is founded. Norish was established out of a joint venture between Irish and Norwegian investors to offer customers a one-stop storage and distribution package. Within the same year, the first Norish cold store opens in Castleblayney, Ireland.

Eurofrigo finds its origin in 1978. Its first cold store opened at the Waalhaven, in Rotterdam. Eurofrigo starts as a logistics provided for temperature-controlled food products. The company specializes in storage, forwarding, customs clearance, and the development of innovative supply chain solutions.

Eurofrigo is growing: the company acquires Rotterdam-based Koelveem Diepvries.

Eurofrigo opens a brand-new cooling and freezing location in Roermond. In the same year, Thermotraffic GmbH is founded in Versmold, Germany. Thermotraffic is a logistics provider for temperature-controlled goods.

Thermotraffic continues to grow. In 1987, Thermotraffic Holland B.V. is established in Rotterdam. A sensible move. From one of the largest harbours of the world, Thermotraffic can expand its activities. It is not merely transport, but also customs clearance and container clearance.

Eurofrigo becomes part of the Nichirei Corporation, Tokyo. Nichirei saw huge opportunities in Europe. And they still do. Norish expands to United Kingdom with the acquisition of a cold store in Bury St. Edmunds, England.

Eurofrigo opens a location in Venlo. In the same year, Norish expands in Ireland, and it opens a second location in the United Kingdom. Thermotraffic GmbH also becomes part of the Nichirei Corporation, Tokyo.

Extenso is acquired by Thermotraffic Holland. Extenso performed customs activities for Eurofrio. Through a aquisition Thermotraffics market share increases.

A historical moment: Eurofrigo opens its first private EU checkpoint in Rotterdam. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) inspects goods here before they get on the market and onto our plates.

A new Eurofrigo location opens at the Eemshaven in Rotterdam.

Norish is building a new cold store in Wrexham, Wales, and buys another cold store in Braintree, England.

Another new location for Eurofrigo. This time at the Maasvlakte where they are one of the first companies with a site.


Norish opens different new locations in the United Kingdom in Belvedere, Felixstowe, Liverpool, Teeside, and Hull. One year later, East Kent Cold Storage joins the Norish Group.

Another exciting development at Thermotraffic: it established its own department for container trucking in the Netherlands. This move hugely expands its range and its overall concept.

Eurofrigo opens a EU-checkpoint for pet food at the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam.

The EU-checkpoint that Eurofrigo established in 2003 expands with a Phyto Sanitary checkpoint. Norish wants to specialise entirely in food products. Therefore, it closes its locations in Belvedere, Felixstowe, Liverpool, Humberside and Teeside. The company is buying new sites in York and Wrexham. The remaining Norish-locations become Norish Ltd.

Norish acquires a long lease of its site in Gillingham, Kent, UK. The site is converted into a cold store with 6200 pallet spaces for chilled and frozen storage.

Hard work pays off: both the Brierley Hill and Wrexham locations receive their approval and certification to export pork to China. A special moment, as only a handful of companies receive this export licence.

Norish’s Wrexham location receives its approval from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for export. A milestone, since this approval is extremely hard to receive, because of the strict laws on food safety.

Norish receives ownership for its Brierley Hill location and sells its location in York. Thermotraffic acquires Strowmar Ltd, and establishes a new branch: Thermotraffic UK Ltd. In Rainham, UK.

Kevin Hancock Limited is founded. The company understands its customers’ needs. It quickly becomes a vital player in the market for cold logistics, thanks to their innovation, technology, knowledge, and experience on value added services. It offers a one-stop solution. Kevin Hancock Limited can manage the entire process and is therefore the single point of contact for the customer, regardless of the question or need.

Eurofrigo opens their second cold store at Rotterdam Maasvlakte. They now also offer value added services such as up-tempering and labelling.

We decided to Join Forces: Eurofrigo, Kevin Hancock, Norish and Thermotraffic Holland will continue as one, under the brand name Thermotraffic. It enables us to operate more strongly, to meet our customers’ demands and to offer clarity. Customers in the food industry know where to find us for the high service standard we offer throughout the supply chain, but even more important, for the personal approach which was and will always be our key approach.