From Farm to Fork
From Farm to Fork
From Farm to Fork
Our dedicated temperature-controlled solutions, help you streamline your supply chain operations.
Our dedicated temperature-controlled solutions, help you streamline your supply chain operations.
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Thermotraffic for producers

It is a long and sometimes bumpy way from farm to fork. That is why producers use Thermotraffic. We make sure your temperature sensitive  products find their way to any continent. Our streamlined processes and global network enable us to do so. And with our personal approach, we are always close by also during the journey.

Our basic recipe

With this, we help maintain product integrity, ensure compliance with regulations, reduce losses, extend shelf life, and enhance customer satisfaction, thus contributing to a more efficient and reliable supply chain.

With our tailor-made logistics solutions, we ensure flawless handling of your products, regardless of which part of the supply chain you engage us for. We do this worldwide. For many years, we have ensured that meat, fish, poultry, fruit, vegetables and other products end up safely on our plates. That’s our basic recipe.

Tailormade for every producer

The food industry is a volatile market and moves with the seasons. This also applies to our processes. We create a tailor-made temperature-controlled logistics route that suits your products and wishes. If these change over time, our processes will grow with you.

Services for producers

The perfect climate

Every product deserves the best. That also means the ultimate temperature to stay fresh. We provide the perfect climate: from -25 °C to +25 °C.

Frozen transportation

We can store your products (for a short or longer period of time) in our cold stores and transport them at the right temperature to their next destination.

Your label or packaging

We can provide products with new labels or packaging.

Always close

With a global network and presence in all major European & UK ports and producer areas we are always close by. We provide the fastest way to handle and ship your products.

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Tailor-made logistics solutions. We meet your changing demands.



Your valuable products are safe with us. Our expertise helps you streamline the import/export process, enhances efficiency, ensures compliance, and contributes to the success of any food import business.

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From farm to fork: your products arrive at the end user fresher than fresh. Thermotraffic takes care of the journey.