Safety first
Safety first
Safety first
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Working with food products means being constantly alert on the quality of the products. Food safety is a multifaceted concern that requires continuous efforts, collaboration among stakeholders, stringent regulations, and adherence to best practices throughout the food supply chain to protect public health and promote a safe and reliable food system.

Continuous Improvement

Paramount within our organisation is to really insist on the highest standards within all our sites and invest in continuous improvement. From a state of the art Quality Management System to house our Food Safety -and Quality processes to Food Safety teams who constantly work to meet and exceed our quality -and (food) safety goals.

Certified and qualified to the highest standards

We have fully auditable HACCP and Quality systems in place that identify any points in the process that need actions and monitoring to ensure (food) safety of the products and our operations . All staff are trained against the in-depth policies and procedures prior to conducting any tasks. Ensuring Excellence: Where Food Safety and Quality Reign Supreme.

Quaranteed safe food products with our Value Added Services

As you know, we go the extra mile to deliver a quality product. With our metal detecting and X-Ray equipment we can identify metal, wood, glass, plastic and other potential contaminants within the product. With this, the product is ready and safe for further processing and to proceed its way to the end consumer.